I use the term 'models' here for ease, though I am really looking for 'ordinary people' of any age, looks, ethnicity, rather than those with more traditional model looks. Real people.

My 'payment' is in the fact that any suitable photos may be licensed for Microstock Sites (Getty and iStock) and the Model Release makes clear what that entails. If you're not sure, please e-mail me and ask.

The following is intended to give prospective models a glimpse into what to expect from a shoot, and what preparation they could make to help the shoot run smoothly.

Shoots tend to be relaxed and fairly informal and models needn't worry about 'posing' as full direction will be given. The aim, always, is for models to look natural and comfortable. We agree the direction of their shoot in advance of shoot day, so that all are completely comfortable with proposals. Broadly, this will cover the type of clothing to be worn and the poses/styles required (e.g. - at home for 'lifestyle'; outdoors for sport; cooking; in uniform; etc.).

Models should have make-up/hair/clothing appropriate for the shoot style. Generally, clothing will be clean and tidy and logo-free. Hair and make-up will be neat and tidy. Have 1 or 2 changes of outfit ready and waiting if the sets are going to require them. Prepare in advance of the agreed start time, so that you are fully ready from the 'off'.

A chaperone/friend is very welcome to be present by pre-agreement. The shoot is not a spectator sport and no more than one other person should be present EXCEPT in the case of under-18s where both parents may be present.

I allow 1 hour for children aged 3-6; 2 hours for children aged 7-14; Older children and adults - up to 4 hours.

Models can expect 5-10 fully processed images per shoot hour (a 2-hour shoot for 10-20 images). These may be used for: friends & family, social media, portfolios & agencies. Photos will be supplied via e-mail within a week of the shoot.

If you are interested in both modeling and photography, I am happy to share a mutually beneficial shoot where we each act as model and photographer. Novices welcome. No experience needed. E-mail me.

DOGS. I allow 30-60 minutes to photograph dogs.